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The Health Benefits of Dancing

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

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There are many physical and mental health benefits from dancing! Here are just a few important benefits that might make you think twice about just how important and amazing dance can be!

1. Improves functionality and health of heart and lungs

- Improves cardiovascular health

2. Improves agility, flexibility, balance and spacial awareness

- Dancing makes the body move in ways

we do not normally in our everyday lives,

therefore, the body becomes much more

agile and flexible

3. Reduces risk of osteoporosis and strengthens bones

- lubricates and strengthens bones, keeping the body mobile and preventing arthritis

and osteoporosis

4. Help with weight management

- Dance is a large amount aerobic exercising which has a direct link to burning excess

fat and keeping the body at a fit, healthy weight

5. Improves muscle tone, strength, endurance and muscle fitness

- Dancing improves strength from targeting several muscle groups and consistently

working those muscles making them stronger

- Unlike most physical, cardio forms of exercise, dancing works the entire body and

makes each muscle stronger instead of only a limited amount

6. Improves general psychological welfare

- Increases release of endorphins and improves confidences and self-esteem

- Feeling a part of a team provides individuals with a sense of belonging and has a

positive impact on their psychological health

- Dancing reduces stress and decreases most symptoms of anxiety and depression

7. Enhances and improves cognitive ability

- There has been many studies that have proved that dance enhances memory and

certain skills such as planning and organization

- It constantly challenges the brain and provides a great mental exercise as well as


8. Teaches structure and working towards goals

- Although dance is a beautiful art that allows people to feel free with their bodies, it

also provides a lot of structure and goal-oriented work that sets people up well for all

other aspects in their lives


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