4 Ways to Achieve a Positive Body-Image

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

In dance, we are constantly staring at mirrors, looking and analyzing our bodies on a continual basis! This makes it easy for dancers to critique their bodies, become more insecure about their outer appearance and compare their bodies with their fellow dancers' bodies, which are all things we definitely want to stay away from for dancers or anyone for that matter.

Every single body is unique and amazing in its own way and should be celebrated as such!

Here are some ways to build high self-esteem and a positive body-image!

  1. Positive affirmations - it is so important to write positive affirmations about yourself in general. These affirmations should definitely include your body. Write down certain things that you do really love about your body and also, write down things that you would like to love about your body. Repeat these positive affirmations to yourself everyday. You can start doing it in front of a mirror and then once you start believing it more and more, you can start saying it to yourself without the mirror. The more you repeat these affirmations to yourself to more you will believe them and that is a promise!

  2. Understand that beauty does not exist - It is often easy for dancers and humans in general to strive for beauty, when really there is no such thing. You are perfectly imperfect exactly as you are, no one is beautiful or ugly, they are simply who they are. Society tries to convince us there are these certain specific ideals of beauty when really what is considered "beautiful" in one society is very different than another. The thing to understand, that will help you embrace your body, is to love yourself exactly the way you look and embrace all of the unique qualities you and only have. There is no comparison to anyone else because there is no standard to meet, you are you, they are them. Both are different and both are perfect exactly the way they are. There is no other body in the world that is completely identical to yours, so appreciate and love your unique, one of a kind body!

  3. Remember your inner beauty - when you look at yourself, look at how strong you are and how bright your internal light shines. Realize how bright your smile is and how happy it makes those around you. Focus on how your inner beauty shines through your external beauty. All the of your amazing qualities and personality traits shine through your external appearance. So the more happy and positive you are, the more you will accept and love how you look.

  4. Appreciate what your body allows you to do - be grateful for all of the amazing things your body enables you to do. Instead of focusing on all that is wrong with it and what's missing, focus on the things it gives you. It gives you life, allows you to move, allows you to feel. Your body is giving you so much and the least you can do is treat it with the kindness it deserves and appreciate all its wonderful qualities. If your body did not exist neither would you, therefore it is important to show your gratitude for all it does for you everyday!

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